Putting Clients First Since 1999.

5500 East Atherton Street  Suite 310  Long Beach California 90815

Department of Real Estate License 01250963

Real Estate done with style...

Since 1999, Broadmoor Realty, Inc. has been specializing in helping clients meet their goals in regard to the purchase and sale of Southern California real estate.

With a focus on excelled customer service, the Brokers and Agents of Broadmoor Realty work together to insure smooth transactions, fair prices, and seek to turn every client into a raving fan.

Complete Dedication to our Clients...

At Broadmoor Realty, we know very well who we work for- you. By putting our client's needs and well-being first, we are able to provide outstanding results from clearly defined objectives.

We know that you have other choices to represent you in the sale or purchase of real estate, and we are honored when given the chance to go to work to create a great sales experience.

Attitude of excellence.

Broadmoor Agents can't work miracles (well, maybe sometimes), but we do know we can control a lot of how a transaction turns out by our attitude.

Each Agent encourages co-operation among the parties involved, and each challenge is faced with solutions, not barriers, positive action, not negativity. 

Clear thinking, clear action, and a 'can do' attitudes are what sets Broadmoor Agents apart. 

THE BEST AGENTS in the business.

Bryan Kinnear

DRE 01756896

(562) 760-1713

Daniel Claussen

DRE 01917910

(562) 522-3396

Gwen Kelly

DRE 00552325

(562) 857-4936

Michele Kreinheder

DRE 01884449

(562) 243-2171

Mike Robinson

DRE 00597913

(562) 857-9000

Tatiana Harris

DRE 01716966

(562) 706--0555

Eugene Rogachevsky

DRE 02019260

(562) 881-0819

Steven Mueller

DRE 01831506

(310) 847-9435

Tom Wurzl

DRE 01246945

(562) 889-1506

Kandi Chhuon

DRE 01348246

(562) 307-0252

Barbara Brukman

DRE 01487772

(562) 307-0252

Lance Brukman

DRE 01908509

(562) 307-0252

Adrian Hovard

DRE 01883600

(562) 319-5394

Mary Colleary

DRE 01274830

(562) 243-5879

Robert Hovard

DRE 00457499

(562) 688-8000

Adam Feldman

DRE 01018635

(562) 708-1500

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